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Lectures on Supersymmetry and Supergravity in Curved Spaces and Superspaces

A supercourse

Ciclo de conferencias "Desafíos de la Física Fundamental"

El Ciclo de Conferencias tiene el objetivo de presentar una visión atractiva y participativa de los retos científicos para los próximos años en el campo de la Física de Partículas Elementales y la Cosmología, así como transmitir la pasión por el conocimiento científico de los aspectos fundamentales del Universo.

Fine-Tuning, Anthropics and the String Landscape

October 8-10, 2014

eNLarge Horizons

An extended three week workshop dedicated to large N gauge theories from different perspectives ranging from Lattice Gauge Theories to String Theory. DATES: 18 May to 5th June 2015

Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters in the XXI century

In this conference, the current results will be reviewed together with the plans for upcoming cluster surveys at different wavelengths with the aim to discuss what we know now and what we need to know in order to use galaxy clusters as efficient cosmological probes.
4th-7th November 2014, IFT-UAM/CSIC, Madrid, Spain

HEFT2014 - Higgs Effective Field Theories

The workshop's goal is to support and encourage the exploration of the nature of the Higgs particle and electroweak symmetry breaking at large in BSM theories, and in particular -although not only- using the model independent approach of effective field theories.
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