Drafting Session for the upgrade of the European Strategy for Particle Physics


The European Strategy for Particle Physics is due to be updated by May 2020. The scientific input to this strategy will be debated in an open symposium that will take place in the second half of May 2019, and a Drafting Session in January 2020. The successful symposia of Orsay 2006 and Krakow 2012, and the Drafting Sessions in Erice 2013 speaks of the tremendous relevance these events have in the update process.

Spain was a member state of CERN since 1961-1969, later re-joined in 1983. Since then, the Spanish community of high-energy physics has witnessed an outstanding development. Nowadays our field is one of the most prominent and productive inside the Spanish network of research. The excellence in Science is recognised by the Spanish Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad with the labels Severo Ochoa and María de Maeztu. Three centres IFT (Madrid), IFAE (Barcelona) and IFIC (Valencia) were awarded with a Severo Ochoa. Another three, ICCUB (Barcelona), CIEMAT (Madrid) and IGFAE (Santiago de Compostela), received the María de Maeztu distinction.

Given the undeniable relevance that for the future of Particle Physics represents the Open Symposium and Drafting Sessions, the Spanish HEP community as a whole supports the proposal of organising these events in Spain. It represents a unique opportunity to bolster the outstanding role Particle Physics plays in the Spanish system of Science. It will also help reinforcing the visibility of the Spanish HEP community at international level. The Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad recognises the importance hosting one of the most remarkable events in the field of Physics in 2019 and therefore fully supports the initiative of the HEP Spanish groups.

The Spanish HEP community proposes to hold the DRAFTING SESSION FOR THE UPGRADE OF THE EUROPEAN STRATEGY FOR PARTICLE PHYSICS WORKSHOP during the month of January in 2020 in the city of Madrid (Spain). The Drafting Session will hosted in the facilities of the Institute for Theoretical Physics (IFT), which provide a fully equipped and modern venue in a quiet and collegial atmosphere, and a local organisation with extensive expertise with international events.


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