2019 International Workshop on Baryon and Lepton Number Violation (BLV2019)


This meeting is the 7th thematic workshop on Baryon and Lepton Number Violation that takes place every two years.
This edition will take place at the Institute for Theoretical Physics (IFT) in Madrid, on 27-30 May 2019.
International Organizing Committee:
Laura Baudis (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
Robert H. Bernstein (Fermilab, USA)
Marcela Carena (Fermilab, USA)
Vicenzo Cirigliano (Los Alamos, USA)
Enrique Fernandez-Martinez (IFT, Madrid)
Pavel Fileviez Perez (CWRU, USA) (co-chair)
Belen Gavela (IFT, Madrid) (co-chair)
Thomas Hambye (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)
Luca Merlo (IFT, Madrid)
Ann Nelson (University of Washington, USA)
Silvia Pascoli (IPPP-Durham, UK)
Nuria Rius (IFIC-Valencia, Spain)
Junior Organizing Committee:
Javier Alonso (IFT, Madrid)
Fernando Arias (IFT, Madrid)
Julia Gehrlein (IFT, Madrid)
Rachel Houtz (IFT, Madrid)
Clara Murgui (IFIC, Valencia)
Pablo Quilez (IFT, Madrid)
Salvador Rosauro (IFT, Madrid)
Managerial Support:
Rebeca Bello (IFT, Madrid)
Chabely Prats (IFT, Madrid)
List of previous host institutions
BLV2017, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA 
BLV2015, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA 
BLV2013, Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg, Germany 
BLV2011, Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountains, USA 
BLV2009, UW-Madison, Wisconsin, USA 
BLV2007, LBL, Berkeley, USA
Additional information will follow.

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