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Identification of Dark Matter with a Cross-Disciplinary Approach


In order to promote discussion and new collaborations, as well as give
participants the opportunity to speak in more detail about their work, the
workshop's schedule will hang on two daily meetings (except for Mondays).
In the morning there will be a thematic paper discussion introduced by a
short overview talk by a discussion leader. This will take place at 11:30
and last approximately one hour. In the afternoon we will have informal
talks by participants, of the length of approximately 45 minutes, starting
at 16:00.

A schedule of the morning discussion sessions is available here.
The program of afternoon talks is being confirmed and will be posted soon
27/4: Weniger - Galactic center
28/4: Di Cintio - DM distribution
29/4: Bozorgnia - Direct detection
30/4: Buckley - particle physics 
4/5: Boehm - WDM/IDM vs CDM 
5/5: Pato - DM in the MW
6/5: Calore - Galactic center Astro
7/5: Gaskins/Cuoco/Fornasa - Gamma-ray anisotropies
Regis - ID x-correlations  

11/5: Mambrini/Bernal - Particle Physics
12/5: Fornengo - 'other' Indirect detection
13/5: Catena: DM-nucleon effective interaction
Hooper/Sanchez Conde - Fermi excess

Third week afternoon schedule

Tuesday 12:
A. Vittino:
Dark Matter searches with charged cosmic rays: status and perspectives
Wednesday 13
M.A. Sanchez-Conde:
Limits on DM annihilation from the FERMI-LAT-4 measurements of the Isotropic Gamma-Ray Background
Thursday 14
N. Bernal:
WIMP and SIMP Dark Matter from the Spontaneous Breaking of a Global Group 


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