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Scattering Amplitudes & the Multi-Regge Limit 2014





Balitsky , Ian JLab/ODU
Bartels , Jochen Hamburg University
Basso , Benjamin Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Beuf , Guillaume Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
Caron-Huot , Simon IAS, Princeton
Chachamis , Grigorios IFIC, Valencia
Chirilli , Giovanni Ohio State University
Colferai , Dimitri University of Florence Improved effective action model and self-consistent metric in planckian scattering
Fadin Sergeevich, Victor Budsker Institute of Nuclear Physics
Grabovsky , Andrey Novosibirsk University
Hentschinski , Martin BNL The Mueller-Tang impact factor at next-to-leading order for quark induced jets
Ivanov , Dmitry Sobolev Institute of Mathematics Mueller-Navelet jets
Johansson , Henrik CERN Pure Gravities via Color-Kinematics Duality for Fundamental Matter
Lipatov , Lev Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute Effective actions for reggeized gluons and gravitons
Magnea , Lorenzo University of Torino Inrared structure of gauge amplitudes in the Regge limit
Papa , Alessandro Universita` della Calabria & INFN-Cosenza Calculation of impact factors relevant for QCD processes in MRK & QMRK
Sizov , Grigory King's College London Quantum Spectral Curve at Work: From Small Spin to Strong Coupling in N=4 SYM
Sprenger , Martin DESY Calculating amplitudes in the multi-Regge regime of strongly coupled N=4 SYM
Vacca , Gian Paolo Bologna University
Vazquez-Mozo , Miguel Angel Salamanca University
White , Alan Argonne National Laboratory The Past, Present, and Future of Multi-Regge Theory
White , Chris University of Glasgow Fun with gravitational Wilson lines
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