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Extended Workshop NuTs (Neutrino Theories) 2022


The Extended Workshop NuTs (Neutrino Theories) 2022 will be hosted by the Institute for Theoretical Physics (IFT) in Madrid, on 16 May - 17 June 2022.
This is a workshop in the literal sense of the word, with people staying for two/three weeks to foster collaboration among them, and a total length of five weeks. Each week will be devoted to a particular topic. One or two presentations per day will be organized.
Contact email:
International Organizing Committee:
Mattias Blennow (KTH-Stockholm)
Pilar Coloma (IFT-Madrid)
Yasaman Farzan (IPM-Teheran)
Enrique Fernández-Martínez (UAM/IFT-Madrid)
Belen Gavela (UAM/IFT-Madrid)
Luca Merlo (UAM/IFT-Madrid)
Stephen Parke (MPI-Chicago)
Yvonne Wong (UNSW-Sidney)
Junior Organizing Committee:
Arturo de Giorgi (IFT-Madrid)
Victor Enguita Vileta (IFT-Madrid)
Manuel González López (IFT-Madrid)
Jonathan Machado Rodríguez (IFT-Madrid)
Daniel Naredo Tuero (IFT-Madrid)
Managerial Support:
Rebeca Bello (IFT-Madrid)
Mónica Vergel (IFT-Madrid)


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