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A Cosmic Window to Fundamental Physics: Primordial Non-Gaussianity and Beyond


Where to stay

On campus, there is only one place to stay, the student residence Residencia Erasmo (1)But availability might be very limited. Also, bare in mind that there are no restaurants (appart from the residence's canteen) open on campus and that last train from the city center leaves at 23:23 from Atocha. 

There is another residence, the CSIC Residencia de Estudiantes (2), located in the city, near the station Nuevos Ministerios. 

Finally, we have some special rate at Hotel Mediodía (3) near Atocha station at the city center. 


Otherwise, we recommend you to book a hotel near any of the stations of Cercanías train line C4. The station for IFT is "Cantoblanco Unniversidad" (~25min from Sol). From the station, there is a 20min walk to reach IFT.
Here are all the stations:
Recorrido esquemático, paradas y correspondencias Línea C-4: Parla - Atocha - Sol - Chamartín - Cantoblanco

Some tips about areas: 

- Chamartin. Closer to campus, but farther from city center (~7km). A bit industrial.

- Nuevos Ministerios. Mid-way between the center (~4km) and the north. Finantial area.

- Sol. The very city center. Many retaurants, shops and bars around. A few landmarks around. 

- Atocha. Still quite central, but less busy in terms of bars. Next to retiro park and the art mille. 

Beyond train connections: 

- Plaza Castilla does not have train, but has a bus to campus (whose stop is closer to IFT). North area. 

- Alcobendas. It is a separate quiter town, maybe OK if you won't be attending the social activities. There is a bus that connects with campus. 



1) The Residencia Erasmo in the Campus of the Autonoma (~10 min walk from the IFT).


2) The Residencia Estudiantes located at the city (Calle Pinar 21, 28006 Madrid):


3)  Hotel Mediodia

Location: Plaza Emperador Carlos V 8 (Next to Atocha main train station)

We have discounted fare at 60,50€ per night (limitted rooms) with the code IFT2022.  




Other hotels in the city center you can book on your own. Recommended in previous workshops (might not be too up to date):

[Please check connectivity, specially to the cercanias C-4: Atocha, Sol, Nuevos Ministerios or Chamartín. With the first two being more central.]

-NH Zurbano

Location: Calle Zurbano, 79-81

More information


- Tryp Gran Vía 

Location: Calle Gran Vía, 25 

More information


- Tryp Atocha

Location: Calle de Atocha, 83  

More information


- NH Atocha

Location: Paseo de la Infanta Isabel 9

More information


- Hotel Petit Palace Arenal

Location: Calle del arenal 16

More information


- Hotel Petit Palace Puerta del Sol

Location: Calle del arenal 4

More information


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