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6th LISA Cosmology Working Group Workshop, 14-18 January 2019


The registration will remain open until 20 December 2018. Also, please note that the workshop is restricted to LISA members only.


Non-LISA members interested in the workshop should apply for membership, but due to the time delays in the application process, they should apply as soon as possible and definitely some months before the registration deadline. For instructions on the LISA application see here


After your registration you will receive a confirmation email with your data, along with a link where you can edit them if necessary. However, due to the nature of the workshop, your registration has to be approved before your name appears in the Participants list.


If you want to give a presentation, please submit a title/abstract and make sure you choose the type "Speaker" instead of "Participant" in the online registration form below.


Also note that in the field that asks for a "Passport number", you can also enter any random string such as "12345" if you don't want to enter the actual number.


Finally, all participants will be expected to follow the LISA Consortium Code of Conduct, that can be found here.


Questions or suggestions:

  • Personal data

  • Additional information

  • Check this box if you want to attend the dinner.
  • Title and Abstract of the talk (if applicable)
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