18th MultiDark Consolider Workshop



16.00h - 16.30h: Welcome, logistics

Direct Detection I

16.30h - 16.50h: David G. Cerdeño: Introduction and Limits on Effective Field Theory Operators

16.50h - 17.10h:  Ludovico Luzzi: Measurement of underground Ar radiopurity for dark matter direct search

17.10h - 17.30h: Iñaki Rodríguez: Evaluate the Artificial Intelligence in Particle Physics

17.30h - 18.00h: coffee

Direct Detection II

18.00h - 18.20h:  David Cintas: Quenching Factor consistency across several NaI(Tl) crystals

18.20h - 18.40h: María Martínez: Annual modulation results from three-year exposure of ANAIS-112

18.40h - 19.00h: Dimitris Papoulias: Data-driven neutrino floor



09.30h - 09.50h: Anton Kuncinas: DM in 3HDMs with S3 symmetry

09.50h - 10.10h: Victor Lozano: Z'-explorer 2.0: unraveling the dark side

10.10h - 10.30h: Clara Alvarez Luna: A probabilistic approach to the hierarchy problem in models with an additional SU(2)

10.30h - 10.50h: Rebeca Beltran: Long-lived right-handed neutrinos at the LHC: Probing NRSMEFT operators

10.50h - 11.10h: Cem Un: Probing Muon g-2 with Sleptons at LHC and Dark Matter Experiments

11.10h - 11.30h: Sven H.: (g-2)_mu and DM: LHC vs. Direct Detection

11.30h - 12.00h: coffee

Indirect Detection (gammas/cosmic rays)

12.00h - 12.20h: Miguel Sánchez-Conde: Current status of dark matter subhalo searches with the Fermi LAT

12.20h - 12.40h: Viviana Gammaldi: Dark Matter search in dwarf irregular galaxies with the Fermi LAT

12.40h - 13.00h: Tjark Miener: Indirect Dark Matter searches with the MAGIC telescopes

13.00h - 13.20h: Marina Cermeño: Probing dark matter with circular polarisation of gamma rays coming from the Galactic Centre

13.20h - 13.40h: Daniele Gaggero: Black Holes and Dark Matter

14.00h - 15.00h: lunch

Indirect Detection (neutrinos, high-energy cosmic rays)

15.00h - 15.25h: Sara Rebecca Gozzini: Indirect dark matter searches from the Galactic Centre region with ANTARES and KM3NeT

15.25h - 15.50h: Omar Medina: A predictive A4 three family symmetry model

15.50h - 16.15h: Valentina De Romeri: Signatures of primordial black hole dark matter at DUNE and THEIA

16.15h - 16.40h: Sergio Pastor: Cosmological radiation density with non-standard neutrino-electron interactions

16.40h - 17.05h: David Cerdeño: Light mediators in the neutrino sector

17.05h - 17.30h: Manuel Masip: Neutrinos at high and at low energies 

17.30h - ...   : excursion/dinner


09.30h - 11.30h: Cosmology

9:30h - 9:45h: Ángeles Moliné: ΛCDM halo substructure properties revealed with high resolution and large volume cosmological simulations

9:45h -10:00h: Julia Ereza: A high-fidelity sky mock of DESI galaxies in the LCDM cosmology

10:00h - 10:15h: Santiago Ávila: Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations with HI intensity Mapping

10:15h - 10:30h: Daniel López: Dependence of the concentration of dark matter halos on cosmology.

10:30h - 10:45h: Marco Taoso: The asteroid-mass primordial black holes

10:45h -11:00h: Paulo Sá: Unification of inflation, dark matter, and dark energy with scalars fields

11:00h - 11:15h: Catarina Cosme: Neutrino portal to FIMP Dark Matter with an Early Matter Era

11.30h - 12.00h: coffee

12.00h - 13.00h: discussion: future of MultiDark

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