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de los Rios , Martín IFT UAM/CSIC Estimating the DM profiles of galaxies using deep learning
Dunjko , Vedran Leiden Beyond quantum kernels with smaller quantum computers
Gammaldi , Viviana IFT UAM/CSIC Searching for DM in Fermi-LAT unidentified sources with ML
Iess , Alberto Scuola Normale Superiore A machine learning approach to GW physics
Krause , Claudius Rutgers Breaking Simulation Bottlenecks with Normalizing Flows
Latorre , José Ignacio Universitat de Barcelona Quantum circuit for option pricing
Martinelli , Matteo Rome Observatory A consistency check for the stand. cosmo model with GPs
Nieto , Daniel Universidad Complutense de Madrid Deep learning imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes
O’Riordan , Conor MPA Garching Detecting DM in strong gravitational lenses with deep learning
Sanz , Veronica IFIC/Sussex Do machines and people think alike?
Schwartz , Matthew Harvard and IAIFI An introduction to IAIFI and ML for amplitudes
Weniger , Christoph GRAPPA/Amsterdam Enabling precision DM searches with neural ratio estimation
Zaldívar , Bryan IFIC A review of modern Bayesian inference
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