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Akiba Carvalho, Kazuyoshi CERN UFRJ Herschel: The Forward Shower Counters at LHCb
Avati , Valentina AGH
Baechler , Joachim CERN Yellow Report - Detector Chapter
Bartels , Joachim University Hamburg
Chachamis , Grigorios IFT (UAM/CSIC) tba
Chuinard , Annabelle McGill University Testing Pomeron flavour symmetry with diffractive W charge asymmetry
Colferai , Dimitri University of Florence Forward jets at LHC: matching BFKL with NLO
Ducloue , Bertrand University of Jyvaskyla High-energy resummation effects in Mueller-Navelet jets production at the LHC
Gituliar , Oleksandr IFJ PAN, Cracow
Goulianos , Konstantin The Rockefeller University RENORM Diffractive Predictions Extended to Higher LHC and Future Accelerator Energies
Grafstrom , Per University of Bologna
Harland-Lang , Lucian University College London Superchic 2: a new Monte Carlo for central exclusive production
Johnson , Daniel CERN Exclusive production at LHCb: recent results and prospects for Run-II
Khoze , Valeri IPPP, Durham university
Kutak , Krzysztof Instytut Fizyki Jadrowej Polskiej Akademii Nauk Hard scale dependent gluon density, saturation and forward-forward dijet production at the LHC
Luszczak , Marta University of Rzeszow Diffractive production of open charm and bottom mesons at the LHC: theoretical predictions and experimental capabilities
Madrigal Martínez, José Daniel IPhT CEA Saclay TBA (if applicable)
Maor , Uri Tel Aviv University School of Physics Diffraction As A Saturation Signature
Martin , Timothy University of Warwick Presentation of the soft diffraction and total cross section and soft diffraction chapter of the LPCC yellow report
McNulty , Ronan University College Dublin Status of CEP at LHCb and plans for Run2.
Motyka , Leszek Jagiellonian University
Murdaca , Beatrice Università della Calabria & INFN - Cosenza
Pasechnik , Roman Lund University Forward-central correlations in quarkonia production
Pierog , Tanguy KIT, IKP Report on Yellow report chapter on Cosmic Ray, Multiplicity and Particle Spectra
Royon , Christophe CERN Quartic anomalous couplings at the LHC
Sako , Takashi STEL/KMI, Nagoya University LHCf; Results and plan of Run2
Shchelina , Ksenia Moscow State University Status of chapter IV
Soffer , Jacques Temple University Impact picture for near-forward elastic scattering up to LHC energies
Valkarova , Alice Charles University, Prague, MFFUK Diffraction at HERA
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