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Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters in the XXI century



Tuesday 4 (09-13, 14.30-18)
08.00 Registration
09.00 Introduction to the Conference (SOC, 10). 
Download PPT here
09.10 Current Cosmology Constraints with X-ray Clusters (Mantz, 35+5). Download PPT here
09.50 Cluster Cosmology with XXL (Pacaud, 20+5). Download PPT here
10.15 Real-size XXL simulations of the X-ray sky (Faccioli, 15+2). Download PPT here
10.30 The High Redshift (z > 0.8) XXL Cluster Sample (Husband,15+2). Download PPT here
Coffee Break (11.00 - 11.30)
11.30 CODEX cluster survey (Finoguenov, 15+2)
11.45 Cosmology with Planck SZ-detected Clusters (Bonaldi, 20+5). 
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12.10 Reconciling Planck cluster counts and cosmology: Chandra/XMM instrumental calibration and hydrostatic mass bias (Israel, 15+2). Download PPT here
12.25 Cluster Cosmology with ACT (Hilton, 20+5). Download PPT here
Lunch Break (13.00 - 14.30)
14.30 Cluster Cosmology with the South Pole Telescope (Benson, 20+5)
14.55 Calibrating the masses of high-redshift clusters from the South Pole Telescope with HST weak lensing observations (Schrabback, 15+2). 
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15.10 Cluster Scaling Relations & ICM Physics with Athena (Pratt, 35+5)
Coffee Break (16.00 - 16.30)
16.30 Cluster Cosmology with Optical Surveys (Rozo, 35+5). 
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17.10 Observations of the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect at High Resolution (Mroczkowski, 15+2). Download PPT here
17.25 Mass Calibration and Cosmological Analysis of the SPT-SZ Galaxy Cluster Sample using Velocity Dispersion and X-ray measurement (Bocquet, 15+2). Download PPT here

Wednesday 5 (09-13, 14.30-18)
08.30 Registration
09.00 eROSITA Status and Prospects for clusters (Reiprich, 20+5). 
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09.25 ASTRO-H Status and Prospects for Clusters (Ota, 20+5). Download PPT here
09.50 Athena (Pointecouteau, 20+5). 
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10.15 SMART-X (Forman, Invited, 20+5). Download PPT here
Coffee Break (11.00 - 11.30)
11.30 High angular resolution tSZ observations with the NIKA camera (Comis, 15+2). 
Download PPT here
11.45 Scaling-laws in XXL (Maughan, Invited, 20+5). Download PPT here
12.10 XXL Bright Sample: Weak Lensing MT scaling relation of groups and clusters (Lieu, 15+2)
12.25 Chandra Measurements of a Complete Sample of X-ray Luminous Galaxy Clusters: The LM Relation (Giles, 15+2) 
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Lunch Break (13.00 - 14.30)
14.30 Cluster Cosmology Forecast for eROSITA (Pillepich, 20+5)
14.55 Constraining characteristics of eROSITA galaxy clusters (Borm, 15+2). 
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15.10 ICM physics and the mass of galaxy clusters (Nagai, 35+5). Download PPT here
Coffee Break (16.00 - 16.30)
Exploring the radial profiles of ICM pressure and gas density clumping in hydrodynamical simulations of galaxy clusters (Planelles, 15+2). Download PPT here
16.55 Thermal structure of the ICM in galaxy clusters simulated with an AC-SPH code (Valdarnini, 15+2). Download PPT here
17.10 SZE scaling relations in simulated galaxy clusters (Fabjan, 15+2). Download PPT here
17.25 Temperature Structure of the ICM from SPH and AMR simulations (Rasia, 15+2). Download PPT here

20.30 Conference Dinner at Paulino de Quevedo restaurant (location)

Thursday 6 (09-13, 14.30-18)
MORNING SESSION CHAIR: Sophie Maurogordato
09.00 Optical Follow-up of Planck clusters (Rubiño, 20+5). 
Download PPT here
09.25 Optical imaging follow up observations of SZ and X-ray detected clusters (Klein, 15+2). Download PPT here
09.40 Galaxy cluster mass reconstruction through joint X-ray and SZ observations (Eckert, 15+2). Download PPT here
09.55 XCS DR2 and X-ray/optical Scaling Relations (Rooney, 15+2). Download PPT here
10.10 The critical role of knowledge of evolution in stellar mass and Y_SZ proxies (Andreon, 15+2). Download PPT here
10.25 Astronomical Particle Colliders (Massey, 15+2)
Coffee Break (11.00 - 11.30)
11.30 Beyond the LCDM cosmology: complex composition of dark matter (Doroshkevich, 15+2)
11.45 CLASH (Merten, 20+5). 
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12.10 The MUSIC of CLASH (Meneghetti, 20+5). Download PPT here
Lunch Break (13.00 - 14.30)
14.30 CCCP (Babul, 20+5). 
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14.55 Mass Mapping of the Frontier Field Clusters - Can we do better? (Kneib, 20+5)
15.20 LoCUSS (Smith, 20+5)
Coffee Break (16.00 - 16.30)
16.30 Near-infrared luminosity as a low scatter proxy for cluster weak-lensing mass (Mulroy, 15+2)
Download PPT here
16.45 The physics inside the X-ray/SZ scaling relations for galaxy clusters (Ettori, 15+2). Download PPT here
17.00 Bias in galaxy cluster samples: SpARCS versus XMM-LSS (Willis, 15+2). Download PPT here
17.15 How well can we measure cluster masses using galaxies as tracers? (Old, 15+2). Download PPT here
17.30 The distribution of stellar mass in galaxy clusters: evidence for the inside-out growth of galaxy clusters since z~1 (van der Burg, 15+2)

Friday 7 (09-13, 14.30-16)
09.00 Weak-lensing Cluster Mass Calibration (von der Linden, 20+5). 
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09.25 LSST (Dell'antonio, 20+5)
09.50 Cosmology with the Euclid Cluster Surveys (Moscardini, 20+5). 
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10.15 Cluster Cosmology with The Dark Energy Survey (Bauer, 20+5). Download PPT here
Coffee Break (11.00 - 11.30)
11.30 Cluster density profiles and concentrations at different z and for different cosmologies (Klypin, 20+5)
11.55 Cosmology in 2D: "measuring" cluster properties from gravitational lensing (Giocoli, 15+2). 
Download PPT here
12.25 nIFTy Galaxy Cluster simulations: dark matter and non-radiative models (Sembolini, 15+2)
Lunch Break (13.00 - 14.45)
14.45 Some like it triaxial: the three dimensional shape of galaxy clusters (Despali, 15+2). 
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15.00 Strong Lensing Mass Reconstruction in Ordinary Clusters (Sharon, 15+2)
15.15 Measurement of the Halo Bias from Stacked Shear Profiles of Galaxy Clusters (Covone, 15+2)
15.30 Weak lensing calibrated scaling relations for galaxy groups and clusters in the COSMOS and CHTLS fields (Kettula, 15+2). 
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15.45 Conclusions (SOC)

List of Posters
Testing observations of cluster outskirts with cosmological simulations (Avestruz). 
Download poster here
An analytical model for the instrumental background of Chandra ACIS-I detector (Bartalucci). Download poster here
Universality of Dark Matter Haloes Shape over six decades in Mass: Insights from the Millennium XXL and Sbarbine Simulations (Bonamigo). Download poster here
The connection between cluster equilibrium and X-ray merger signatures (Chatzikos). Download poster here
The mass-concentration relation for galaxy clusters at z ~ 0.5 (Cibirka). 
Follow-up of a massive Planck Cluster (Cypriano). Download poster here
A Catalog of cluster of galaxies from VISTA Hemisphere Survey (VHS) (Diaz). Download poster here
The Weak Lensing Follow-up of the 400d Survey Cosmological Cluster Sample (Doria). Download poster here
Using Chandra X-ray Observations to Characterize Planck ESZ Clusters (Forman). Download poster here
The Inhomogeneous Universe seen through Voids (Garcia-Bellido)
Evolution of the magnitude gap and BCG properties in massive halos (Gozaliasl)
Statistical properties of filaments in weak gravitational lensing (Higuchi). 
Download poster here
Detailed X-ray emission of the clusters RXJ1720.1+2638 and Abell 267 (Jimenez-Bailon). Download poster here
Measuring the evolution of the CMB temperature with SZ measurements from Planck data (Luzzi). 
SuperBIT: wide-field, 0.3’’ optical+UV imaging from above the Earth's atmosphere (Massey)
Dark Matter Substructure in Abell 3128 (McCleary)
The merging cluster Abell 1758: adding new pieces in a complex puzzle (Monteiro). 
Download poster here
Constraining the ICM pressure profile from the thermal SZ power spectrum (Ramos). Download poster here
The galaxy cluster RXC J1504-0248 (Soja). Download poster here
The distribution function of Einstein radii (Vega)


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