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Physics Challenges in the face of LHC-14

Purpose of the Workshop

The LHC is now in technical stop, to be restarted again at the beginning of 2015 at almost twice the energy reached so far. Consequently there is reasonable hope that signals of BSM physics can show up, either directly or indirectly, in the next runs of the LHC. In any case, LHC data will continue to improve the determination of Higgs properties, which could also show possible deviations from SM predictions. These prospects can be strenghened by the feedback with other experiments, like those related to dark matter and flavor physics.


The general goal of this medium-size extended workshop is to take advantage of this technical stop to fuel creativity and discusion about the particle-physics challenges for the LHC in the forthcoming years, debating in particular the possibilities to optimize the LHC potential for uncovering new physics. To this purpose, we will favour an encouraging and warm atmosphere for the interchange of ideas and the starting of new collaborations.


The program will include formal and informal presentations, so that everybody has possibilities to present and debate his/her ideas in an stimulating environment, but saving a lot of "free time" for personal work, private discussions and the starting or continuation of collaborations.


Particular attention will be paid to the interaction between theoreticians and experimentalists, booking some sessions where both communities can debate and cross suggestions and proposals.


The subjects covered by the workshop will include:


* Higgs Physics (Effective Theory approach and Models)

* BSM Searches (particular scenarios, like SUSY, and generic ones)

* Experimental perspective and Theory-Experiment interplay

* Links and complementarity with DM searches

* Flavour physics and LHC

* New QFT methods (computation of amplitudes, non-renormalizable effects, etc.)

* Hierarchy problem, naturalness, etc.

* The case for future facilities: ILC, TLEP, etc.

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