This page is meant to give practical instructions on how to get around in general, to your hotel and to the university.

Means of transportation

  • Metro:
    Madrid has an extensive and convenient metro system (see map). You can find all information regarding tickets and fares here
  • Cercanías Renfe:
    Local trains, running regularly withing the province of Madrid (see map). Tickets can be bought at stations either from a machine (accepting cash, including notes, bank and credit cards) or from a ticket office. There is a zone system, most of the center is in zone 0, the university in B1, the third zone. 
  • Taxi's:
    Taxi's are numerous and for European standards, reasonably priced. A ride from the airport to the center from 6am to 10pm, costs €30,- (incl. the airport supplement).
  • Busses:
    There are two type of buses, the local ones of the EMT (red or blue) and the Interurbanos (green). For the EMT buses you can directly pay to the driver for a single ride €1,5- or use the Public Trasport Card (click here for more information). The interurbanos use separate tickets, which can be bought on the bus. Most bus drivers don't like notes bigger than €5,-

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

A map of the Campus can be found here .
The Instituto de Física Teórica, is the number 41 on the map. The 20 minutes walking route from the train station is indicated with a red line.

Getting there from the airport
The simplest way is to take a taxi. A ride takes about 20 minutes. Otherwise, you can do the following (about 1 hour):
  • By metro & train, arriving at terminal 1-4:
    - follow the metro signs
    - Metro 8 direction Nuevos Ministerios. Change at Nuevos Ministerios.
    - Take a Cercanía train to Colmenar Viejo or Alcobendas-San Sebastián de los Reyes (C4).
    - Get out at Cantoblanco Universidad.
  • By bus, arriving at terminal 1-3:
    - Take the free shuttle bus running between the different terminals.
    - Get out at terminal 4 and follow the instructions below.
  • By bus, arriving at terminal 4:
    - Take bus 827, running every 20 minutes (single €1,8 approx ).
    - Get out at the Universidad Autónoma.
Getting there from the center
  • Take a Cercanía train
    - Take either a train to Colmenar Viejo or Alcobendas-San Sebastián de los Reyes (C4).
    - Get out at Cantoblanco Universidad.



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