Ammon , Martin University of Jena Anomalous hydrodynamics and strong external magnetic fields
Behnia , Kamran ESPCI Paris Hydrodynamics of phonons and electrons in three-dimensional solids
Davison , Richard Cambridge Relations between transport and chaos in holographic theories
Delacretaz , Luca University of Chicago Hydrodynamic Fluctuations
Gouteraux , Blaise École Polytechnique Paris Overview and recent developments in the effective field theory description of superfluids
Grozdanov , Saso MIT & University of Ljubljana Generalised global symmetries and applications
Hoyos , Carlos University of Oviedo Geometry, duality and odd transport in flatland
Ishii , Yui Osaka Prefecture University Ba1-xSrxAl2O4: a new structural quantum material?
Lucas , Andrew University of Colorado Boulder Viscous fluids of electrons
Meyer , René Wurzburg University Strongly Correlated Dirac Materials, Electron Hydrodynamics & AdS/CFT
Nicolis , Alberto Columbia University Effective field theory methods for phases of matter
Phillips , Philip ICMT - University of Illinois Superconductivity and Mottness: Exact Results
Pinzani Fokeeva, Natascia University of Leuven Schwinger-Keldysh effective field theories
Ramos , Miguel Angel Universidad Autonoma de Madrid UAM Universal anomalous properties of glasses at low temperatures: Are they really universal?
Schalm , Koenraad Instituut-Lorentz - Universiteit Leiden Detecting chaos in hydrodynamics
Trachenko , Kostya Queen Mary London New understanding of the liquid state of matter, viscosity and its lower bounds
Zaanen , Jan Instituut-Lorentz - Universiteit Leiden Holography in the lab: are the killer aps around the corner?
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