Navigating the Swampland





Banks , Tom Santa Cruz & Rutgers U. de Sitter Space and the Swampland
Conlon , Joseph Oxford U. A comment on brane inflation
García García, Isabel KITP Discrete Gauge Symmetries and the Weak Gravity Conjecture
Grimm , Thomas ITP - Utrecht Swamp in flux
Hebecker , Arthur Heidelberg U. Gaugino condensation and KKLT from a 10d perspective
Heckman , Jonathan UPenn Fine Tuning, Sequestering, and the Swampland
Heidenreich , Ben UMass Amhrest Proving the Weak Gravity Conjecture in Perturbative String Theory
Kim , Manki Cornell University de Sitter Vacua from Ten Dimensions
Krishnan , Chethan IIS - Bangalore Semi-Classical Holography
Montero , Miguel Harvard U. Gravity Conjectures and Black Hole Evaporation in de Sitter space
Obied , Georges Harvard U. Fading Dark Matter and Cosmological Tensions
Ooguri , Hiroshi IPMU & Caltech Does 3D Pure Gravity Exist?
Palti , Eran MPI - Munich Cosmological constants and the Swampland
Remmen , Grant UC - Berkeley Extremal Black Holes and EFTs
Rudelius , Tom IAS - Princeton Generalized Global Symmetries and the Swampland
Taylor , Washington MIT The 6D supergravity swampland and massless charge universality
Vafa , Cumrun Harvard U. TransPlanckian Censorship and the Swampland
Valenzuela , Irene Cornell U. The Landscape of Asymptotic Flux Potentials
Weigand , Timo CERN Evidence for an Emergent String Conjecture
Westphal , Alexander DESY A Goldilocks Higgs
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