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Fundamental Physics, CMB and LSS in the light of Planck satellite and DES


The PACT Extended Workshop on "Fundamental Physics, CMB and LSS and in the light of Planck and DES", will be held at the Instituto de Física Teó—rica (UAM-CSIC) in Madrid, from Monday 7th October to Thursday 31st October 2013.
This event will be similar in spirit to the extended workshops held in the summer every two years in the Benasque Center for Science. The aim is to bring together international experts on both theoretical and observational aspects of Cosmology, to analyze the recent CMB data from Planck satellite and LSS data from galaxy surveys, and study their impact on Fundamental Physics.
Invited speakers are offered local accommodation during their stay at the workshop (in the local UAM residence), as well as a desk in an office at IFT, and the local secretarial infrastructure. Travel and local expenses are not provided, unless a special request is made to the Organizing Committee, and depending on the IFT budget.
The program will consist on a few lectures by selected speakers followed by long discussion sessions, and will leave plenty of time in the afternoon for interactions and research. We also intend to devote the third week, from 21st to 25th October, to a specific workshop on "Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology 2013", where we will invite the main experiments to present the latest results from their collaborations (e.g. Planck, DES, BOSS, KIDS, CMS, ATLAS, CDMS, Xenon, Fermi, Magic, HESS, AMS, Double-Chooz, ANTARES, IceCube, T2K, LIGO/VIRGO, etc.).
Participation in this workshop is by invitation only and there is no registration fee

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