Vistas over the Swampland


The vast Landscape of string solutions has given to many the impression that practically any field theory may be obtained  from string theory. In fact quite the opposite is true: many respectable looking field theories become inconsistent when coupled to quantum gravity, and can never be obtained from a consistent string compactification. The space of field theories which cannot be consistently coupled to quantum gravity has been dubbed 'the Swampland'. 
There has been in the last decade a sustained effort in trying to map out the structure of the Swampland, trying to delimitate its limits and boundaries, still unknown. In particular an important question is whether Swampland criteria can put constraints on particle physics models and cosmology. This workshop plans to gather the leading experts in the field to review our knowledge on the Swampland extension, the underlying related fundamental questions within quantum gravity and string theory as well as possible constraints for particle physics and cosmology.

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