Vistas over the Swampland





Andriot , David CERN Classical de Sitter solutions and the Swampland
Arkani-Hamed , Nima IAS - Princeton Build the Walls, Drain the Swamp: The EFTHedron
Banks , Tom Santa Cruz & Rutgers U. What are the Limits of Effective Field Theory?
Blumenhagen , Ralph MPI - Munich Comments on Swampland Conjectures and Calabi-Yaus
Crisford , Toby Cambridge U. The Weak Gravity Conjecture and Cosmic Censorship
Danielsson , Ulf Uppsala U. The quantum swampland
Hebecker , Arthur Heidelberg U. The Higgs and other Thorns in the Side of the Swampland
Kleban , Matthew New York U. The Axidental Universe
Lüst , Dieter LMU & MPI - Munich W-supergravity
Montero , Miguel ITP - Utrecht Deriving the WGC from holographic entanglement entropy
Palti , Eran MPI - Munich The Swampland, duality, and de Sitter entropy
Quevedo , Fernando ICTP de Sitter vs Quintessence in String Theory
Reece , Matthew Harvard U. Large Field Ranges, UV Cutoffs, and Photon Masses
Remmen , Grant UC - Berkeley Weak Gravity Conjecture from Black Hole Entropy
Rudelius , Tom IAS - Princeton Swampland Conjectures, Black Holes, and BPS States
Shiu , Gary UW - Madison Weak Gravity Conjecture from Unitarity
Soler , Pablo Heidelberg U. The WGC, black holes and gravitational instantons
Vafa , Cumrun Harvard U. New Perspectives on String Cosmology
Valenzuela , Irene ITP - Utrecht Emergence of Infinite Field Distances, Weak Couplings and the Swampland
Van Riet , Thomas KU Leuven On the tension between dS uplifts, 10d SUGRA and 3d CFT's
Weigand , Timo CERN Tensionless strings and the Swampland
Wrase , Timm TU Vienna Towards classical dS vacua?
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