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28th IFT Xmas Workshop

From December 14 to December 16th, 2022 we will celebrate the XXVIII edition of our annual Christmas Workshop at the Instituto de Física Teórica (IFT UAM-CSIC). Several world experts will meet at the IFT to discuss the recent developments in (astro) particle physics, cosmology, string theory, and quantum information.

Back to the Swamp

This workshop plans to gather the leading experts in the field to review our knowledge on the Swampland extension, the underlying related fundamental questions within quantum gravity and string theory as well as possible constraints for particle physics and cosmology.

A Cosmic Window to Fundamental Physics: Primordial Non-Gaussianity and Beyond

The workshop will bring together experts on primordial non-Gaussianity with a special focus on Stage IV large-scale structure surveys. It will foster discussions on the origin of PNG, light cone (GR) effects, systematic effects, gravitational waves, multi-tracers, the role of upcoming CMB experiments and the interplay between PNG and CMB anomalies
Primordial Non-Gaussinities

Twist in the Tale

A celebration of Tony González-Arroyo's career.
A celebration of Tony González-Arroyo's career.

AI goes MAD

The website for a Machine Learning and AI mini workshop at the IFT in Madrid
AI goes MAD 2022

Geometric Aspects of the Swampland - Part II

This workshop will focus on geometric aspects of the Swampland Program, with a special emphasis on the interelation between general properties of quantum gravity and algebraic geometry. The workshop aims to bring together theoretical physicists and geometers, in order to explore the many connections between fields which have recently emerged in the
Workshop on geometric aspects of the Swampland Program.
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