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Cultube 3.0: El Retorno

El evento reunirá un conjunto de reconocidos Youtubers en diversas áreas de divulgación del conocimiento para impartir charlas compartiendo sus experiencias en esta plataforma. Se trata de la tercera edición de los exitosos encuentros Cultube, tras los celebrados en 2018 y 2019.

Gamma rays to shed light on dark matter

The School will offer a general overview of the state-of-the-art of gamma-ray dark matter searches to students at the MSc and PhD level and young postdocs. The program will include introductory lectures, specific lectures and hands-on sessions on specific yet standard dark matter work packages.

A cosmic window to Fundamental Physics: Primordial Non-Gaussianity and beyond

The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts on the topic of Primordial Non-Gaussianities, with special focus on Large Scale Structure probes in the era of stage-IV experiments. We will also foster discussion about lightcone effects, observational systematics, the role of upcoming CMB experiments, Gravitational Waves and Multitracers. 
Primordial Non-Gaussinities

(Virtual) International Masterclass - Hands on Particle Physics 2021

Cuarenta estudiantes de Bachillerato trabajarán juntos online, analizando datos reales tomados en el experimento ATLAS del acelerador LHC del CERN. La pandemia no para la ciencia: ¡encuentra tú también el bosón de Higgs!

17th MultiDark Consolider Workshop

MultiDark is a Consolider Network supported by the Spanish Research Agency, in which theoretical and experimental groups with particle physicists, astrophysicists and cosmologists from 18 Spanish universities and research institutes, experts in astroparticle physics, join efforts to take up this task from a multidisciplinary perspective.

XXVI IFT Christmas Workshop

This is the XXVI edition of our annual Christmas Workshop at the IFT. Several world-leading experts will gather virtually at the IFT to discuss with the local staff the recent developments in Theoretical Physics and Cosmology. The workshop will be held online this year. A zoom link will be provided upon registration
XXVI IFT Christmas Workshop
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