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SDSS-IV Collaboration Meeting. Madrid, 20-23 July 2015

SDSS-IV Collaboration Meeting

Invisibles15 Workshop: "Invisibles Meets Visibles"

The Invisibles15 Workshop follows Invisibles15 School, and it will be organized in collaboration with the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum (Madrid) with scheduled meetings at both the IFT (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid campus, 2 full days) and the museum itself (3 full days).
neutrinos, dark matter & dark energy physics

Invisibles15 School

The Invisibles15 School precedes Invisibles15 Workshop. In this edition the focus of the school will be collider physics, flavour and BSM phenomenology. The school will take place at the UAM conference facility La Cristalera, Madrid, Spain, from June 15 to June 20 2015.
neutrinos, dark matter & dark energy physics

String Phenomenology 2015

Results in the field in the last year. Speakers by invitation only.

eNLarge Horizons

An extended three week workshop dedicated to large N gauge theories from different perspectives ranging from Lattice Gauge Theories to String Theory. DATES: 18 May to 5th June 2015

La Relatividad General, 100 años después

La Relatividad General, formulada hace 100 años, es uno de los hitos de la Física y del pensamiento humano. En esta jornada conmemorativa se repasarán, en lenguaje accesible para los no expertos, los principales resultados de la Relatividad General, su situación actual tanto teórica como experimental, y sus perspectivas de futuro.
Jornada divulgativa conmemorativa de los 100 años de la Relatividad General
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