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We meet to celebrate Enrique Alvarez on his 70'th birthday.

16th MultiDark Consolider Workshop

Up to now science has failed to identify what makes up to 85% of the matter of the Universe. Elucidating the nature of dark matter constitutes a key challenge in modern physics. MultiDark is a Spanish Project supported by the Consolider-Ingenio 2010 Programme of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Navigating the Swampland

This workshop plans to gather the leading experts in the field to review our knowledge on the Swampland extension, the underlying related fundamental questions within quantum gravity and string theory as well as possible constraints for particle physics and cosmology.

Entangle This: Chaos, Order and Qubits

A gathering of experts in quantum information theory and quantum gravity to exchange views on the emergent field of interactions between the two disciplines.


An international summer school on recent developments at the interface between string theory and quantum gravity.
Summer IFT School on quantum gravity and string theory

Opportunities at Future High Energy Colliders

The workshop will be held at facilities of the IFT on the campus of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM).
Opportunities at Future High Energy Colliders
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