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Tutorial on Monte Carlo tools for colliders


In order to follow the instructions of the tutorials, you have to use a virtual machine that we have already set up for you. The machine makes it easy to access a variety of different tools without requiring you to install them first. The virtual disk contains a Madgraph, Pythia 8, Herwig++ and CheckMATE installation.
To run the virtual machine, you have to do the following:
1) Install VirtualBox (
2) Make sure you have at least 10GB of disk space ready
3) Download the Virtual Disk from this link. Since the file is >2GB, this might take a while.
4) Unzip the file
5) Run Virtual Box
6) Click "New"
7) Name: "MCschool", OS "Linux Ubuntu 32 bit", Memory >= 1024 MB (Important!)
8) "Use existing hard disk" and select the downloaded, unzipped .vdi file. If creation was successfull, select the machine and hit "start". After a while, you should the the virtual machine's desktop.

MadGraph 5  (

Pythia 8 (

CheckMATE (

Files containg events generated through MG5 for  Z + (0,1,2,3) jets:   sample-files
Link to the online CheckMATE tutorial:


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