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Gamma rays to shed light on dark matter


[Due to the COVID-19 world sanitary crisis, we've decided to
POSTPONE our School till next year, JUNE 2021.]


The LOC of the School will do their best to keep this list of lecturers for next year 2021.



Confirmed speakers are:


  • G. Bélanger, LAPTh
  • C. Boehm, U. Sydney
  • T. Bringmann, U. Oslo
  • F. Calore, LAPTh
  • C. Combet, IN2P3
  • A. Domínguez, UCM
  • M. Doro, U. Padova
  • D. Gaggero, IFT UAM-CSIC
  • A. Goudelis, CNRS
  • M. Meyer, ECAP
  • A. Pillepich, MPIA
  • L. Tibaldo, IRAP
  • C. Weniger, U. Amsterdam
  • G. Yepes, UAM
  • B. Zaldívar, IFT UAM-CSIC
  • J. Zavala, U. of Iceland
  • G. Zaharijas, U. Nova Goriça


You can check out the "Program" page to find out more details on the topics that will be covered by each of our experts!

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