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Gamma rays to shed light on dark matter


The LOC of the School will do their best to keep

the original list of topics and lecturers for next year 2021.


The list of topics and lecturers is as follows:


  • LCDM cosmological model (J. Zavala, U. of Iceland)
  • Observational evidence for dark matter (F. Prada, IAA-CSIC)
  • Standard Model of particle physics and beyond (C. Boehm, U. Sydney)
  • Cosmological origin of DM candidates (C. Boehm, U. Sydney)
  • Gamma-ray astrophysics (M. Doro, U. Padova)
  • WIMP searches (G. Belanger, LAPTh)
  • N-body cosmological simulations (G. Yepes, UAM)
  • Hydrodynamical cosmological simulations (A. Pillepich, MPIA)
  • DM modelling of astrophysical targets (C. Combet, IN2P3)
  • EBL attenuation (A. Domínguez, UCM)
  • WIMP gamma-ray searches (F. Calore, LAPTh)
  • ALPs detection in gamma rays (M. Meyer, ECAP)
  • Gamma-ray detection techniques (M. Doro, U. Padova)
  • Statistics of gamma-ray data DM analysis (C. Weniger, U. Amsterdam)
  • CR-induced astrophysical fore/backgrounds (D. Gaggero, IFT UAM-CSIC)
  • Gamma-ray DM search status and future (G. Zaharijas, U. Nova Goriça)


Hands-on sessions:
  • CLUMPY (C. Combet, IN2P3)
  • MicrOMEGAS (A. Goudelis, CNRS)
  • DarkSUSY (T. Bringmann, U. Oslo)
  • DRAGON (D. Gaggero, IFT UAM-CSIC)
  • ctools (L. Tibaldo, IRAP)
  • fermipy (M. Meyer, ECAP)
  • Machine learning (C. Weniger (GRAPPA), B. Zaldívar, (IFT UAM-CSIC))

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