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Gamma rays to shed light on dark matter


The workshop will take place at La Cristalera which is a beautiful self-contained residence in the mountains in Miraflores de la Sierra close to Madrid, Spain.




Transportation to/from La Cristalera

We will arrange a shuttle to go to La Cristalera at the beginning of the workshop and return to Madrid at the end. More details will be available soon.


In any case, there is also public transportation: if you plan to make your own way to La Cristalera, you would need to take the bus #725 departing Plaza de Castilla.

A taxi ride from the airport to La Cristalera costs EUR 80,-, but only if you book the taxi in advance. If you require that service, please do get in touch.



Transportation in Madrid

  • Metro:
    Madrid has an extensive and convenient metro system (see map). Tickets can be bought at stations either from a machine (accepting cash, including notes, bank and credit cards) and usually also from a ticket office. You will need to buy a transportation card if you don't have one yet, which are available at every station for €2.50. A single trip includes any number of transfers. Buy either a single for €1.50-2,- or a 10 trips ticket (10 viajes) for €12.20, the latter is also valid for the local EMT buses. Trains typically run from 6am to 1:30am.
    Airport Supplement: There is a €3,- surcharge for trips from and to the airport subway stations. Should you forget to pay the supplement, then you can buy a supplement ticket (Billete Suplemento Aeropuerto) at the machines located near the exit of the airport's subway stations.
  • Cercanías Renfe:
    Local trains, running regularly within the province of Madrid (see map). You will also need the transportation card used in Metro. Tickets can be bought at stations either from a machine (accepting cash, including notes, bank and credit cards) or from a ticket office. There is a zone system; most of the center is in zone A. Here you can find the prices depending on the number of zones.
  • Taxis:
    Taxis are numerous and for European standards, reasonably priced. A ride from the airport to the center from 6am to 10pm, costs between €25,- and €30,- (incl. the airport supplement), to Chamartín is slightly cheaper. 
  • Buses:
    There are two type of buses, the local ones of the EMT (red or blue) and the Interurbanos (green). For the EMT buses you can buy a single in the bus for €1.50, or use the 10trip metroticket. The interurbanos use separate tickets, which can be bought on the bus and usually cost a bit more. Most bus drivers don't like notes bigger than €5,-




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