20th MultiDark Workshop




The program consist of sessions (all plenaries) devoted to each of the five MultiDark Network WGs. You can find it below and also in PDF here.





Gandía, 25-27 October 2023





Wednesday, 25th  October




13.00h – 15.00h: Lunch



13.30h – 15.00h: Registration (hall of Sala de Conferencias)

15.00h – 15.20h: Welcome (Miquel Ardid, Miguel Sánchez-Conde)



- Direct detection (experiment)



15.20h – 15.40h: Status and prospects of DarkSide and DArT (Devidutta Gahan)

15.40h – 16.00h: Searching for Dark Matter with the COSINE-100 Experiment (Sophia Hollick)

16.00h – 16.20h: Neutron calibrations in dark matter searches: the ANAIS-112 case (Tamara Pardo)

16.20h – 16.40h: Low-mass WIMP detection with TREX-DM (Álvaro Ezquerro)



16.40h – 17.10h: Coffee break



17.10h – 17.30h: Dark matter searches with DAMIC-M (Nuria Castellò)

17.30h – 17.50h: MIGDAL y SuperCDMS (David Cerdeño)

17.50h – 18.10h: Beyond ANAIS-112: ANAIS+ (Jaime Apilluelo)


18.30h – 19.30h: MD Steering Committee (closed meeting)




Thursday, 26th  October




- Direct detection (theory)



10.00h – 10.20h: A Bayesian analysis with Machine Learning of EFT Operators in Direct Dark Matter Detection (Andrés Pérez)

10.20h – 10.40h: Fermionic dark matter and singlet-triplet scotogenic scenario (Anirban Karan)

10.40h – 11:00h: Testing Sterile neutrinos with direct detection and spallation source experiments (David Alonso-González)

11.00h – 11.20h: Entering the Era of Neutrino Direct Detection (Patrick Foldenauer)



11.20h – 11:50h: Coffee break



- DM theory and Colliders



11.50h – 12.10h: A global analysis of Dark Matter through a radiative neutrino portal (Karen Macias)

12.10h – 12.30h: SMEFT goes dark (Martin Hirsch)

12.30h – 12.50h: SUSY DM and recent excesses at the LHC (Sven Heinemeyer)



13.00h – 15.00h: Lunch



- Indirect detection: neutrinos



15.00h – 15.20h: COHERENT production of a dark fermion (Pablo Muñoz)

15.20h – 15.40h: Search for light WIMPs annihilating in the Galactic Centre with KM3NeT/ORCA (Adriana Bariego)

15.40h – 16.00h: Search for WIMPs annihilation in the Galactic Centre with the first data from KM3NeT/ARCA (Adrian Saina)

16.00h – 16.20h: Deep-learning based reconstruction applied to dark matter searches in the Sun with ANTARES (Juan García)



16.20h – 16.50h: Coffee break



- Cosmology



16.50h – 17.10h: The torsion of stellar streams and the overall shape of galactic gravity's source (Adriana Bariego)

17.10h – 17.30h: Blind searches for continuous gravitational-wave signals: O3 LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA results and future developments (Rodrigo Tenorio)

17.30h – 17.50h: TDiff in the dark: gravity with broken diffeomorphisms in the matter sector (Darío Jaramillo)

17.50h – 18.10h: Cosmology in TDiff invariant gravity models (Antonio Miguel González)



21.00h: Dinner (Restaurant Ripoll, Passeig Marítim de Neptú, S/N, 46730 Grao De Gandia)




Friday, 27th October




- Indirect detection: gamma & cosmic rays



10.00h – 10.20h: Gamma-ray emission from galaxy clusters (Judit Pérez-Romero)

10.20h – 10.40h: Search of dark matter annihilation in stellar streams with the Fermi LAT (Cristina Fernández-Suárez)

10.40h – 11.00h: A robust determination of satellite dwarf galaxy J-factors from DESI observations (Nicole Araneda-Muñoz)

11.00h – 11.20h: Dark matter searches with the MAGIC telescopes (Daniel Kerzsberg)



11.20h – 11.50: Coffee break



11.50h – 12.10h: Multi-TeV dark matter density in the inner Milky Way halo: spectral and dynamical constraints (Jaume Zuriaga-Puig)

12.10h – 12.30h: Characterisation of (ultrahigh-energy) gamma-rays propagation in our Galaxy (Gaetano di Marco)

12.30h – 12.50h: Photon-photon scattering in the optical sector (Luis Roso) (Online)

12.50h – 13.10h: Closing session (Miquel Ardid, Miguel Sánchez-Conde, all)



13.10h – 15.00h: Lunch






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