XLIV International Meeting on Fundamental Physics


  LIST of TALKS + pdf files
M. Bastero Cosmology: Theory
A. Faus-Golfe Accelerators and R & D activities at IFIC
C. Fernandez Bedoya LHC Upgrades (ATLAS, CMS, LHCb)
L. Fiorini Status of the 125 GeV Higgs boson physics at LHC
D. G. Cerdeño A Walleyed perspective of the Dark Matter problem
J. Gomez CNA in a nutshell
M. Hirsch Majorana neutrino masses: A story of trees and loops
W. Hollik Standard Model Theory
A. Juste Searches for new phenomena at the LHC
A. Jüttner Lattice QCD
C. Lopez Bote Perspectives from Ministry
L. Malgeri Run2 Physics Expectations
J. Matias Global analysis of b → sll̄ anomalies
L. Merlo Latest constraints on HEFTs
M. Moreno Ballesteros CDTI
E. Palencia SM + Top (ATLAS/CMS)
F. Perez Accelerator R & D at ALBA
M. Quiros Supersymmetry / Theory
J. Rico Gamma Rays / CTA
A. Rubbia Neutrino experiments
J.J. Saborido Flavour Physics at the LHC
K. Safarik Physics with Heavy-Ion Collisions at the LHC
J. Santiago Theory of (non-SUSY) Beyond the Standard Model
M. L. Sarsa Dark Matter: experimental techniques/ issues
I. Sevilla Observacional Cosmology
P. Slavich The Higgs sector in SUSY extensions of the Standard Model
F. Toral Status of CIEMAT Activities in the Development of Particle Accelerators
A. Uranga String Theory
J. Vieira AWAKE Advanced Wakefield Acceleration Experiment
J. Zornoza Neutrino astronomy and multi-messenger connections


  List of Posters + pdf files
I. Brivio Non-linear Higgs Portal to scalar dark matter
I. Brivio, R. del Rey, B. Gavela, K. Mimasu, L. Merlo, J.M. No, V. Sanz. Axionic signals at colliders with a dynamical Higgs
L. Cerdá Search for dihiggs production in the γγbb channel at 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector
J.R. Gonzalez Fernandez Inclusive top-quark pair production cross section in the CMS detector with the Cut and Count method
E. Fernandez-Martinez, J. Hernandez-Garcia, J. Lopez-Pavon, M. Lucente Global constraints on the heavy neutrino mixing
M. Missiroli Search for tt̄ resonances in semileptonic final states at √s = 13 TeV with the CMS detector
R. Alonso, E. Fernandez-Martinez, M. B. Gavela, B. Grinstein, L. Merlo, P. Quilez Gauging Lepton Flavor
E. Ruiz-Choliz Micromegas detectors for axion searches
F. Feruglio, B. Gavela, K. Kanshin, P. Machado, S. Rigolin, S. Saa The minimal linear σ model for the Goldstone Higgs
I. Suarez WZ production cross section at 13 TeV in multileptonic decay channel

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